Changes That Must Be Made
The poor complain, they always do.
But that’s just idle chatter.
Our system brings rewards to all,
At least to all who matter.

~Gerald Helleiner - 1993

The opposite of poverty is not wealth. Instead, the opposite of poverty is justice. This distinction is perhaps the most important understanding one must come to grips with before successfully addressing Changes That Must Be Made.

The current system of social order is composed of billions of people struggling to survive, with only a very few able to thrive. No part of our social order is more pivotal to the people’s ability to thrive than is our participation in the economy, or “the system”, as it is often referred to. Most have given up on their hope to thrive as surviving has long since become their way of life. Merely surviving occupies their minds the moment they wake up in the morning. It weighs heavy on their minds as they scramble to get through their day and continues to dominate their worries before nodding off into another sleepless night. Even those able to attain higher incomes are most often burdened with much larger interest-bearing indebtedness that places them on an endless treadmill that completely wears their lives down. They, too, are just surviving.

Yet, there are a very few who deliberately make it their purpose to dominate the system to maintain excessive privilege, power and control over the lives of others. They confuse their ability to thrive with their ability to selfishly dominate others. They exercise “tough love”. They selfishly expect love for themselves, but ‘tough’ for everyone else. While the people continuously fight over politics, ethics and other class differences, nothing dominates their lives like the economy does. It is the economy that wields the whip that keeps everyone “in their place”.

What is it about the economy that forces such injustice upon the people? Must the people endure a violent revolution to free themselves from its burdensome grip? Not at all; just as a doctor is able to identify and separate a parasite from a patient’s body before the patient is cured, so must the people be able to identify and separate the parasite from the economy before it can become healthy; before the people can expect to thrive rather than just survive.

Our economy is composed of three basic components; Finance, Capital and Labor. Labor and Capital work together to provide needed products and services. Finance stands to absorb the profits of Capital and it absorbs the purchasing power of Labor. It is the financial system that is infested with parasitic methods; otherwise it would not serve as a burden to Capital or Labor as it does. Instead of standing first in line to rob the working people of their purchasing power and to steal the profits of businesses, Finance should be operating in support of the producers—in full support of Capital and Labor.

What is it about Finance that so easily defines itself as the parasite in our economy? The money system sits at the core of Finance. The money system is privately controlled for private gain by a few mastodon Financiers who are obsessed with a false notion that it is better that they decide how and where the people should participate in our economy, and these Financiers use their power over the economy to do it.

What is it about the privately owned and controlled money system that defines it as the parasite of Finance? What is the practice of Finance that drives the producers (Capital and Labor) into consensual slavery to fulfill the whims of Finance? It is the practice of charging interest on the use of money that identifies the parasite of Finance. This practice is an Interest Collection Swindle. It robs the workers and it robs the manufacturers. It robs our communities and it robs our government.

Money and credit is needed at every level of our economy. It is the medium of exchange; it is the facilitator of trade. It is the primary lubricant that allows Capitalism to serve as the greatest human social system ever devised. However, when interest is charged for the use of money, the principles of Capitalism are perverted. It destroys the credibility of Capitalism. Just as a worm is removed from an apple before it is eaten, so must the parasitic procedures of our present money system be removed before Finance can serve Capitalism instead of devouring it. To argue that the parasite—interest on money—is necessary for a money system to operate is like the worm who shouts out that the worm is necessary for the existence of the apple.

To expect the cheerleaders of a privately controlled money system to provide finance without an infestation of financial parasites is like expecting worms to grow apples without worms. Instead, a money system must be operated under Public Control for the public good. It must be operated on a cost-only basis rather than on a basis of absorbing the benefits of Capitalism. So that a system may bring reward to all—and we all matter—changes must be made.

A system of Direct Credits must be implemented whereby money and credit is injected directly into the economy—loaned directly to the people themselves for productive purposes. It must be done at no cost to the borrowers. Money and credit must be paid back, but without interest charges of any kind. The Public money system must be completely devoid of any parasitic practices or procedures; it must be operated on a completely transparent basis—out in the open in public view for public scrutiny in real time.

The following are the Changes That Must Be Made, prepared as a side-by-side comparison between the outdated system of private Financialism of today and the modern Public money system of Direct Credits as originally outlined in Direct Credits for Everybody, by Alfred Lawson.


Monetary Reform with Direct Credits –

The Advantage of Public Control of Money and Credit


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Money and Credit controlled by privateers – the Federal Reserve System (FED).


Money and Credit controlled by the people through their trustee, the United States Congress.

An Interest Collection Swindle that perpetuates exponential interest-bearing indebtedness that can never be paid.


Credits issued directly to the people; non-interest loans made directly to people, businesses and governments.

A slavery-based money system that severely jeopardizes production efficiency. This method injects a parasitic burden on trade, forcing as much as four-fifths of the price of products and services to be siphoned off to non-productive Financiers. Capital and Labor is systematically pitted against each other to grab what they can from each other by any means possible just to survive their burden of the parasitic Financiers. Likewise, the people, businesses and governments compete against each other to gain as much money as possible from every conceivable scheme imaginable just to pay the enormous burdens of the Interest Collection Swindle.


Public control of money and credit eliminates non-productive theft of human effort and natural resources. Direct Credits is a nature-based money system that naturally encourages highly productive methods that reduce mundane labor and directly rewards creative human effort. Just as Capital and Labor are naturally encouraged by the system to work together to produce the highest quality and quantity of products to meet growing demands, so are the people, businesses and governments naturally encouraged by the system to work together to protect and defend a natural system of public control of money and credit. It is a system that rewards honesty instead of dishonesty.

Results: Financial slavery of the people, businesses and governments.


Results: Financial freedom for the people, businesses and governments.


Comparison of Financialism and Direct Credits, point by point (from “The 14 Points”):

#1 – Gold must be abolished as money and everybody prohibited from using it to pay for anything.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Private control of Money and Credit advances a naive notion that money must have value. Gold is often used as a value (comparison) for money. While the financiers claim that money is or can be backed by gold, the legal commitment to redeem money for gold has long since been abandoned—creating an unresolved mind-twisting contradiction.


With Public control of Money and Credit, money will have no value of its own. Instead, money is used as a measurement of the value of property, products and services just as a ruler is used to measure distance. The prices of property, commodities and services automatically find their own level based on their own supply and demand.

By claiming that money must have value, the largest hoarders of gold take claim to the control of money and credit. Since the largest hoarders of gold also own and control the private tyranny known as the Federal Reserve (FED), the people unwittingly allow the FED to (privately) control the volume of money and credit.


Under Direct Credits, public control of money and credit is established by the Constitution, Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5 whereby it states, “Congress shall have power to coin money and regulate the value thereof…”. This responsibility will not be outsourced to any private entity. Instead, it will always be operated under public control.

As the people falsely believe the FED may be allowed to control the volume of money and credit, the FED exercises the peculiar privilege of forcing everyone to pay a tribute for the use of money and credit under its control. It is this belief in the privileges of powerful privateers to collect a private toll that systematically robs the people of as much as four-fifths of their purchasing power through the compounding practice of charging a private toll (interest) for the use of money and credit at every stage of production, distribution and consumption.


Rather than money backed by just one of its rare commodities, the nation’s entire wealth will back the money and credit created under public control. There will be no interest charged for the use of money and credit. The people will receive a purchasing power equal to their productive power as there will no longer be a private toll charged at any stage of production, distribution or consumption. The use of gold as money must be made unlawful in order to eradicate its dreadful influence and break the first link in the dazzling chain that binds everybody to slavery and pauperism.

Results: The notion that gold is money inherently binds everybody to a system of financial slavery and pauperism through the Interest Collection Swindle that results from it.


Results: With Direct Credits, the money system will be made lawful and operated under public control. No longer will the false notion persist that privateers should be allowed to control money and credit simply because they have been clever enough to hoard gold.


#2 – Paper currency must be made the standard of exchange and issued in sufficient quantities for all purposes.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Under private control of money and credit, the Federal Reserve (FED) issues private bank notes as money, but purposely issues them and their credit counterparts in far too limited quantities to meet all trade requirements.


For cash transactions, paper currency must be issued. Its electronic equivalents, checking or credit accounts can be setup to represent paper currency to facilitate electronic transactions. In their entirety, they must be issued in sufficient quantities to handle all trade transactions.

By issuing only a limited supply of money and credit, the people who need it for productive purposes must borrow it at an enormous premium, often paying many times more in interest for its use than the original amount borrowed.


As there is no interest charged on the use of money or credit, the cost of production will be greatly reduced. This will enable the manufactures to hire workers at wages and salaries sufficient to purchase the products they produce.

There is no good reason why metal should be used for money. It is cumbersome, antiquated and not in keeping with modern methods or economy.


Modern paper-money handling equipment is more efficient for handling trade transactions. Modern computer systems are much more efficient at keeping track of credit accounts needed for complex trade transactions.

Results: The hoarding of coined metal money, private bank notes and credit accounts held in private banks and institutions forces an insidious financial slavery of the people to the money hoarders for the fees that are charged for their use.


Results: Paper money, and its electronic credit equivalents, issued in sufficient quantities respond more accurately to modern trade needs. Lawful public control is much more credible and responsive to a healthy economy. The people are free to engage in the economy for their benefit rather than being bound to a system just to support the whims of Financiers.


#3 – Interest, and all other forms of payment for the use of money must be abolished and prohibited.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Interest is a fraudulent tribute forced upon people without money by those who have it. And, as those who own and control the money, find that they can collect larger tribute with less money in use, they see to it that much less money is put into circulation than is needed for trade purposes. Therefore, with a shortage of money they are able to establish a credit system whereby they can loan credit and charge interest for it. Then as industry grows they force the people to pay tribute upon credit from ten to twenty times as much as the tribute they force the people to pay as interest for the use of the actual money. In that way the people were forced to pay interest on Trillions of so-called credit dollars which never existed.


With Direct Credits, money and credit is loaned directly to the people at no interest whatsoever. In this way, he who borrows money to compete in the marketplace with those who already have capital reserves of their own does so on a level playing field. No longer will the borrower need to charge more for the products he produces, pay less to his workers or cheat his customers by providing a lower quality product so as to afford to pay interest charges on borrowed money or credit. Instead, his skills as an innovative entrepreneur, his skills as a business manager and his skills as an inspiration to his creative workers will be matched with those businesses that already have their own capital. True competition is inherently encouraged instead of systematically smashed by the financially endowed.

Cities indebted to financiers for interest-bearing bonds often fall so short on revenues just to pay the interest have been forced into bankruptcy. Public assets have been sold off to privateers and then rented back again in order to provide services to its tax-paying communities. This places an additional burden on the people as their tax money now must cover the cost of providing the services, plus a profit to the privateers so they can afford to pay the interest these privateers must pay on the money borrowed to purchase the public assets in the first place. The costs of these privatized services are known to quickly double, triple and quadruple over their original cost as public services. However, now the public no longer has control over how these services are provided.


Just as money and credit is loaned to the people for their enterprises at no interest, so will money be loaned to local cities and counties for the improvement of their public services. This assures the lowest cost of public services for everyone and it assures direct oversight by the public. Interest-bearing bonds will be immediately paid off to eliminate the financial bleeding of the local communities’ fiscal affairs. The archaic practice of collecting taxes on property would be eliminated. Sound financial responsibility will immediately return to our local communities. The strength of our local communities will return as the people regain public control over public affairs. The people and their families will inherently be encouraged to invest their lives in their local communities instead of constantly scrambling to abandon them.

Results: Slavery to interest-bearing indebtedness forces people to act out on selfish behaviors as they cannibalize each other just to survive. Such a degrading system of finance breeds people who are more than willing to lie and kill in the service of liars and killers.


Results: Interest on money and credit will be abolished under Direct Credits. Debt without interest engages the people directly into the economy in their communities as thriving producers instead of sidelining most of them as powerless consuming loafers.


#4 – Control and supervision of money must be by the government, who will operate all banks and other financial institutions.  Private banking must be prohibited.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Private banking is a parasitic scourge on our money system. It places private tyrannies between the act of creating money and the borrower. It is equivalent to placing someone in between the air you breathe and your lungs. It gives them life-gripping control over you and thereby enslaves you to their irresponsible whims. Likewise, private banking tyrannies are quickly corrupted by the built-in incentive to get something for nothing as they become the gatekeepers and toll collectors for borrowers who need to borrow money for productive purposes.


Article 1, Section 8, Paragraph 5 of the Constitution of the United States specifically decrees that “Congress shall have the power to coin money and regulate the value thereof.” For the safety and the convenience of the distribution and utilization of money by the people, the government must also handle the creation of money and operate the banks and other institutions who loan money to the people. Under Direct Credits that will be a government function.

Private banks and their corporate tyrannies expect to pocket financial gains through their Interest Collection Swindle while the public is expected to pay their losses when their thieving schemes fail to meet expectations.


Bailouts for non-productive institutions are a thing of the past. Our government, of the people, by the people and for the people must be made to act on behalf of the people as our trustee in managing the money system for everybody’s benefit.

Results: Businesses, governments and the people are enslaved by the burden of interest that must be paid on private bank loans.


Results: Public control of banking institutions assures the money system functions with no interest on loans. Public banking is a public service operated under public control.


#5 – All financial loans must be made by the government.  Private loans in business transactions must be prohibited.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

The financiers want the people to believe the Federal Reserve System (FED) is part of our government. There is nothing “federal” in the Federal Reserve. There are no significant reserves, nor is it a system. Instead, it is a private banking cartel that prides itself in injecting itself as the primary recipient of the profits of businesses.


All loans must be made by the government at no cost to the borrower—with no interest charges what-so-ever. The added benefits to the economy that loans facilitate will more than make up for the nominal clerical costs of providing the loan to the borrower. Those clerical costs will be easily recouped by a thriving economy—thriving because it no longer must bear the enormous burden of supporting a system of thieving interest collections.

The FED and its Interest Collection Swindle must be prohibited. Paying interest for the use of money is as ridiculous as paying your neighbor for the air you breathe.


Interest-free loans by the government must be readily available and easily attained so as to reduce any incentive to make private loans in business transactions. In that way, a prohibition of private loans in business will be easily followed and enforced.

Results: The practice of making private loans to one another creates wealthy private welfare recipients. They deliberately engage in non-productive activities that the people become enslaved to.


Results: Private banking will be prohibited as a safeguard against crooked methods by those who have money and would try to profit through loans and slippery methods to weaklings who would try to evade the law.


#6 – All credits must be issued by the government direct to everybody.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

The Federal Reserve (FED) usurps the power of government by issuing its own private money and credit. Then, by restricting loans to only those willing to pay interest, most people are marginalized to dead-end jobs by a severely weakened real economy that lavishly rewards non-producers while the producers are economically disadvantaged with interest-bearing consumer debt.


Credits are allowances credited to persons for future settlement. Credits are provided at no interest what-so-ever, but they do bear a responsibility of eventual settlement. As non-interest bearing credits never build up parasitic interest charges, they do not cause hardship or consume one’s power or freedom to act as his or her conscious dictates.

For those brave enough to risk their assets as security for loans that must cover the loans themselves as well as compounding interest charges, new businesses are seldom started. Due to the compounding interest charges, most businesses that are started fail to survive past their infancy.


Only the loans themselves need be secured. This allows for many more business opportunities by serious entrepreneurs who wish to bring innovative products and services to market. Their businesses are much more likely to succeed as the loans are not burdened by compounding interest charges that stand first in line to absorb the profits of businesses.

Results: A middleman handling credits would naturally charge a toll that would eventually work up to huge proportions. This has the effect of enslaving borrowers to financiers, serving their every whim.


Results: The middleman's toll is eliminated by the Government, which facilitates loans direct to the people and thereby assures the people a purchasing power equal to their productive power. The people are no longer compelled to waste huge portions of their lives to get enough money to pay compounding interest on private credit.


#7 – Everybody must be entitled to basic equal credits given by the government.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

The vast majority of people—particularly those with creative and innovative ideas—are systematically squeezed out of opportunities for lack of available credit necessary to bring their products to market. Under Financialism, only those with substantial assets to pledge as security for loans from financiers can take advantage of opportunities. Furthermore, their security must also cover the burden of interest on credit loans, squeezing out even more potential entrepreneurs from engaging in the economy. Under Financialism, the only element of equality of opportunity to acquire credit for productive purposes is by those who continuously share the experience of getting zero credit.


Basic equality means equality of opportunity and not equal size of loans. Everybody, therefore, will be entitled to basic equality when it comes to opportunities, so that one person will be considered just as good as another person when credits are issued by the Government. However, credits will naturally have to be based on security in order to be sound, and while everyone will have basic equal credits they must have security to cover those credits.

Inventors and scientists discovering new labor-saving methods are routinely paid off with small bribes to give up their rights to their creative work. Their opportunity to build their own businesses around their own discoveries and inventions are most often impossible to attain due to the financing requirements that private finance forces upon the entrepreneur.


Under Direct Credits, an equality of opportunity is attained by using non-interest bearing loans from the government. Since there is no middleman to pay on loans, there is no reason to turn over inventions and discoveries to those with more assets. Instead, those new ideas will be brought to market by those who retain their rights to them—those who created them.

Results: Vicious corporations systematically head down a warpath to become the largest business empires possible by cannibalizing each other at every level, eliminating competition and equality of opportunity.


Results: New discoveries and inventions are inherently encouraged under Direct Credits as the creative minds will have an equal opportunity to own and operate the businesses that produce the products and services that they created.


#8 – Everybody must perform actual service in return for credits.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Since the vast majority of people are systematically squeezed out of opportunities to participate in the economy under Financialism, except as boring wage or salary slaves working for private top-down managed corporate tyrannies, a class of selfish schemers are rewarded for their ability to lie, cheat and steal their way through life.


Under Direct Credits, businesses will compete to fill positions that provide for compensations and benefits that serve to build strong families who contribute to a strong economy in their communities instead of pitting people against each other to rob them of their rightful earnings in schemes to cannibalize the economy.

Under Financialism, little schemers weasel their way up into big schemers who then leverage corporate welfare to monopolize entire industries, thereby squeezing out realistic opportunities to engage in a productive economy. The biggest financial schemers bully their way into positions of authority so as to protect and maintain their scheming methods. Their burden upon productive society casts a shadow of deafening defeat upon masses of lower class schemers whose only recourse for survival is to beg for relief from government resources.


Every person receiving credit must work. Continued issuance of credits shall not be used as an incentive for selfish behaviors. Everyone is expected to perform useful service commensurate with their skills and abilities for the credits they receive. The purpose of government credits is to offer a helping hand when in need, not to create a class of selfish loafers. All credits must be paid back to the government, but without interest or other hidden charges.

Results: The great Mastodon Financiers at the top take advantage of the selfishness of each of the various levels and layers of non-productive schemers to maintain a top-down control of the producers who scramble to work as hard and as long as they can to carry the burden of all the schemers. The enormous amounts of credit squandered by the scheming methods of the Financiers remain as legally binding interest-bearing indebtedness upon the producers of today and the producers of the future.


Results: Point eight will insure something of actual value is being put behind credits. As service is that which puts value into wealth, therefore, something tangible coming from service must be produced for credits. Limited loans may be given for the promise of services to be rendered.


#9 – Limited credits must be issued to everybody without security.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

For all intents and purposes, there is no realistic option available today for those without security to get a loan of any significance to help families thrive.


Since credits are allowances credited to persons for future settlement, it is natural that credits be limited for those without security.

This condition, in turn, forces an acute pressure upon those without security to borrow small amounts of money (just to survive) from private financiers found on the streets of nearly every city and town. These financial racketeers are more commonly known as “pay-day loan” operations who often charge loan-shark rates of 520% or more [legally]. These establishments operate under a myriad of petty brand names dreamed up to hide the identity of the huge commercial banks that own and control them. These racketeers have long since gotten rid of their paid bullies who used come around in the middle of the night to terrorize those with bodily injury who cannot keep up their interest payments. Instead, these schemers waste tax-payer’s money by directing the local court systems and sheriff’s departments of local communities to enforce the will of these gangsters on families who struggle just to survive from day to day.


Everybody will be entitled to a limited loan without security. But the conditions of credit without security will be that the borrower must give evidence of intention to use that credit for constructive purposes, such as starting a small business, buying a new home, or improving something of value that would add to the wealth of the Nation. Money will not be loaned to anybody to squander recklessly. From time to time it will be decided as to what that limited amount will be, but to begin with, perhaps twenty thousand dollars might be considered the limit of a loan without security. It must be understood that there will be laws made from time to time to regulate such details. Now, while the borrower will not have to put up security for a limited loan, still one will have to pay the loan back before another loan will be granted. These limited loans without security more than anything else will prove the borrower's integrity and will go a long ways toward building up character in everybody.

Results: This has the effect of vacuuming up the last few circulating bits of money from those least able to give up their money; those who desperately need it to buy food for their families.


Results: Issuing credits to those without security serves to immediately engage them and their innovative ambitions in a self-sustaining, productive economy without the burden of interest-bearing indebtedness.


#10 – Credits must be issued for the upkeep and education of children up to 21 years of age, to be voluntarily repaid by them, if possible, at some future and convenient time.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Decades of multiple, overlapping, never-ending interest-bearing bonds on public school systems have had the effect of draining entire communities of their resources.


Credits will be issued for the upkeep and education of all children, whether they are children of the rich or of people in moderate circumstances. (There will be no poor under the Direct Credits system.)

Present day Financialism uses privatized schools to force our children to choose between saddling themselves with the burden of interest-bearing debt before classes begin or to remain marginalized for life to dead-end jobs with meager compensations, often below the poverty level. To enslave our children to an unpayable student interest-bearing indebtedness, (now totaling nearly $1.5 Trillion) before they are able to get their education is a most despicable practice. Individual student interest-bearing indebtedness often totals more than many home mortgages, a debt burdened by compounding interest they are legally bound to for their entire life, with no escape except by death or suicide.


Public school systems built and improved using loans at no interest allows communities to thrive. Credits will be available to students for their choice in education, without burdening them with interest-bearing indebtedness to drag them down or limit their life choices. Rather than be committed to a life of indentured servants forced to do things against their will, they are immediately able to contribute to their growing family’s needs the moment they step into the workplace. By placing our trust in our children by enabling their power and their freedom as they mature into adulthood, we gain their respect as the responsible citizens they become. By exercising this trust in our children, we strengthen our families and communities instead of destroying or abandoning them.

Results: Privatized educational institutions have no choice but to pass their enormous burden of interest-bearing indebtedness on to children. Rather than getting an education they choose, children are instead trained as compliant, mindless minions working in the bowels of giant top-down managed corporate tyrannies as they struggle to find any means possible to pay the interest burden on corporate debts.


Results: By teaching children that they are expected to pay their own way through life and that it would be a disgrace to live without doing something useful in return for what they receive will stimulate both children and adults to deeds of unselfishness instead of breeding drones and parasites and slickers and slackers and cheats and thieves of human beings.


#11 – Credits must be issued to everybody past 65 years of age for living expenses, if wanted.  The size of such credits to be proportionate to the value of the services rendered by the beneficiary prior to that age.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Under Financialism, those working in the prime of their life are rewarded for selfishly engaging in private financial schemes to evade their responsibility to care for those who fed and cared for them when they were young and weak.


Justice for Everybody means that everybody shall receive Justice. Therefore every individual who helps to create the wealth of the Nation from between the ages 18 and 65 has done enough work to pay for his living expense during the remainder of his life.

Think of the terrible injustice done to the individual over 65 years of age who has given 45 years or more of his or her best efforts to the production of everybody's wealth, and then, without means of support, is left to shuffle and die for want of nourishment and the comforts that he worked so hard to furnish others during his strongest years. The old and feeble of today, who were the middle-aged and strong of yesterday, fed and cared for the young and feeble then, and if those who were fed and cared for then, will not, when middle-aged and strong, turn about and care for their former care-takers when they have grown old and weak, then they are as dogs who bite the hands that have fed them.


The assurance of a livable compensation that is commensurate to one’s service toward the production of everyone’s wealth during their productive years is perhaps the most important security that we can provide for those over 65, if wanted. This assures them their power, their freedom, and their dignity. Upon retirement they will also receive this allowance from the government in addition to the income from the wealth they have accumulated, if they care to accept it. One may continue to render service as long as one cares to after 65 years of age, as retirement from service is not compulsory. Governmental credits belong to everyone after 65 years of age, whether earning other compensation or not.

Results: The current system of Social Security has been allowed to erode to the point of forcing those 65 and older into abject poverty for the meager benefits they receive. Should health problems occur, their lives quickly turn into occupants of parasitic private institutions where they are kept alive for as long as possible as abandoned, bed-ridden, drug-induced zombies.


Results: Placing credits directly in the hands of those past 65 helps to eliminate the practice of warehousing old folks in institutions separated from society and their families as over-drugged inmates primarily to drive up monetary revenues of selfish private corporate entities who engage in such despicable enterprises. Under Direct Credits, those past 65 will also receive justice and live out their lives as respected and engaged members of their families and their communities.


#12 – Charity must be abolished and justice take its place.  Credits must be issued to the sick and lame.  Doctors, nurses and practitioners will be paid by the government both in money and honors.  They must treat all patients with equal consideration.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

As Financialism robs the producers of a purchasing power that is equal to their productive power through interest charges on the use of money, a significant number of people are reduced to absolute beggary and left to rot in the streets. Such a money system requires that charity try to make up for such mindless cruelty.


The great purpose of Direct Credits is to give justice to everybody. When everybody receives justice, there will be no need for charity, such as practiced these days of throwing a bone to a person after robbing him of the fruits of his labor. The type of charity which will be abolished under Direct Credits will be the doles, welfare and soup kitchens.

For those unlucky enough to become afflicted with disease or injury, too many are faced with the gruesome choice between allowing such maladies to shorten their lives prematurely or be stripped of their money and assets in exchange for medical treatment—until their money runs out. There has been nothing more degrading in this so-called civilization than the mistreatment of the sick and the lame. Above all things, that, together with the practice of allowing parasitic private health insurance schemers to siphon off monetary resources needed by heath care providers to bring back the health of their patients, will go down in history as the most demon-like practice of all time.


Under Direct Credits the sick and the lame must be kindly treated and all given equal treatment, no matter what amount of wealth they may possess. Class treatment of the sick and the lame will be forever abolished and this can only be accomplished by and through the elimination of private fees. Doctors, nurses, dentists and practitioners will receive their pay for their services direct from the Government. Of course, all doctors, nurses, dentists and practitioners will not receive equal remuneration. Their compensation in money and honors will be regulated in accordance with the quantity and quality of services rendered on behalf of the Nation and humanity. The supervision of doctors, nurses, dentists and practitioners will be by and through a board of scientists having had practical experience along those lines.

Results: While charity organizations serve primarily to soften the harsh blows of a money system designed to allow the strong to victimize the weak, those most vulnerable to the system are further insulted by the presence financial vultures eager to pick their bones in hospital beds before they are dead.


Results: Credits provided to the sick and lame protects them and their families. Under public universal healthcare, health care providers and their patients will be allowed to decide how resources can be best applied to their well-being, without discrimination for the amount of wealth they possess, or the lack thereof. Charity will be replaced by justice.


#13 – All controversies must be settled by courts appointed by the government, who will also furnish lawyers for both sides of the case.  These lawyers will be paid by the government and prohibited from taking private fees of any nature whatsoever.  Disbarment, disgrace, imprisonment or worse, will be the punishment for lawyers who misrepresent anything in connection with a case they are handling.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Private fees have always been the incentive for crookedness in law. The practice of enabling private bribes by stronger litigants in court cases to bully the courts into forcibly smashing the weaker ones has brought untold disgrace to our courtrooms.


The wheels of justice must bring all lawyers under the umbrella of public finance so the focus in court proceedings shifts from using private bribes for suppressing the truth to a courtroom environment that embraces the truth by the disallowance of private fees.

Hundreds of billions of dollars are squandered each year on lawyers whose primary goals are to prostitute themselves for the highest fees to prove lies rather that to get to the truth. Likewise, countless lives are reduced to far worse living conditions in private prisons than that afforded to animals penned up in feed lots before they are slaughtered for their flesh and bones. Many are carted off at gun-point to work as slaves where they are shackled to jobs at little or no pay. While lawyers occupy their time with extracting bribes and fees from clients and their families, courts are complicit in a system designed primarily to snatch up defenseless people off the streets and get them into a prison system optimized for the purpose of enforcing slave labor to pay interest on debts owed by the state, by private industry and by private prisons. Under such a system, neither the courts nor the lawyers have any incentive to get to the truth, but rather to enslave as many prisoners as possible for as long as possible.


The object of the legal profession should be to get at the truth and that cannot be done while opposing lawyers are fighting for the largest compensation that comes from gaining the decisions of the courts. Under Direct Credits, the main object of settling a case in court will be to present the Truth, and that can only be done when the lawyers on both sides want to prove the Truth instead of trying to prove falsehoods. So, the Government will pay all lawyers in proportion to their ability to bring out the truth instead of clients paying lawyers to prove lies. Lawyers can then apply their skills and talents for the advancement of justice that they were trained for rather than perform as private legal prostitutes to a few financially endowed bullies who often do not need their help in the first place.

Results: By and through the selfishness created when fighting for decisions and fees, lawyers practice all sorts of trickery and misrepresentation to win, seldom considering the truth at all, the object being the fees for freeing their clients, whether they are innocent or guilty.


Results: Direct Credits will create a new standing for Law in which TRUTH will be the only thing strived for. This will make the practice of law one of the greatest professions in the world instead of one of the most discredited professions in the world. All honest lawyers will stand for the principles of Direct Credits for Everybody. Dishonest lawyers are an abomination to humanity.


#14 – Everybody must furnish sworn statements periodically, showing the amount and character of wealth possessed and the manner in which it was obtained.


Financialism – Private Outdated System


Direct Credits – Modern Public Money System

Financialism is riddled with parasitic financial behaviors by unscrupulous gangsters around every dark corner as they scramble to get something for nothing at every possible opportunity.


Under point fourteen not only will the sworn statements show the amount and character of wealth possessed by everybody, but also the amount of money held by everybody from the time the last sworn statement was made.

The Interest Collection Swindle requires that huge amounts of taxes be paid by the people to pay the interest charged by financiers on government interest-bearing indebtedness. Large corporations evade their share by declaring most of their revenues offshore. This has the direct effect of weakening the institutions of government. While some undergo bankruptcy proceedings where the democratic process is brushed aside to satisfy vicious financiers as they pick through the bones for the largest share of public loot, others are reduced to conditions whereby they are forced to sell off public assets to privateers.


The periods between which sworn statements will be made will be arranged, from time to time, by the courts. But in no instance will they run over a period of six months. By showing the amount and character of the wealth possessed, together with the money held, during that period, the Government will be able to know whether or not it was gained honestly or fraudulently, and especially so, as the questionnaire will make it obligatory for the individual to swear as to the manner in which both wealth and money were obtained. Everybody will also have to show how they expended their wealth or money during that period. This requirement will also be a check upon the hoarding of money.

Once public assets are turned over to privateers, public institutions must rent those assets back again so as to provide public services or drop those services altogether. Governments are then reduced to little more than enforcement thugs satisfying the whims of those who provide the largest bribes. Under these conditions, democratically elected government officials, with inadequate resources, must then compete with well-paid private forces in the streets whose mission it is to protect the various interests of the privateers.


These sworn statements will show whether the industrialist unjustly exploits his workers or not, for when the industrialist applies for a credit loan he must sign a questionnaire showing the amount of money to be borrowed for operating purposes, what it is to be used for, and the price at which the finished product will be sold. This sworn statement will also put a check on the illegal transference of wealth or money to friends or relatives. The penalty for willfully breaking any of these laws will be the loss of all wealth by the law breaker. There will be teeth in all Direct Credit Laws.

Results: The Financiers are then free to battle each other for the largest and most resource-rich turfs, using government resources to fight their battles for them around the world. Where territories cannot be secured for their own interests, they are completely decimated by military force. Entire populations are set out on the run to escape the paths of destruction set in motion by unaccountable, selfish mobsters disguised as benign advocates for a “free market economy”. Instead, competition is routed out at the point of a gun, or with weapons of mass destruction.


Results: The number of incidents of indictable cases of individuals engaging in fraudulent practices will be systematically reduced. However, this point still stands as an important measure to protect and defend the Direct Credits program. Under Direct Credits, humans, from the lowest to the highest level, will be able to elevate themselves. Those who are down will have a chance to get up, and those who are up will have a chance to stay up. Unlimited opportunities will be unloosened for everybody. The cruel machine of the money snatchers will no longer grind out the lives, hopes, and ambitions of men, women and children.

An important definition:  Financier – One who loans money or credit for interest.

Everyone already knows that the system is corrupt to its core, but it is embarrassing to recognize and understand the enormous waste it is for those pursuing private survival strategies. Those engaging in slick tricks only make the conditions for everyone else worse, and they know it.

There are a thousand hacking at the branches of injustice to one who is striking at the root. This changes all that. Instead of wasting away entire lives on efforts to clean up the carnage left by Financialism or making excuses for its dismal failures, efforts are leveraged by brushing away the countless distractions and by focusing on the corrective actions necessary to eliminate the cause of injustice. This outline serves to help people identify the root cause of injustice while laying out a set of simple changes necessary to establish Justice For Everybody That Harms Nobody.

Direct Credits for Everybody is the practical and peaceful solution for the financial mess into which the world has fallen, and people are now standing squarely on that platform without any reservations or side-issues. We shall now see how many will join the effort to make Direct Credits for Everybody a live issue that will work constantly for everyone's good. When everyone understands this subject, interest-collecting financiers and the institutions they construct (like the FED) will cease to enslave us any longer.

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